Women Empowering Women

"I always believe that one woman's success can only help another woman's success."

Gloria Vanderbilt 

This ones about the women 
This week seemed to be in slow motion yet very jam packed and fast paced all in one. 

& I've learned a lot about my self and I've taken away a lot from just this week alone. 

This morning on my way to work I woke up with a text telling me this, "Good morning my beautiful friend!  Make your way to Heine brothers anytime today you have a large drink of your choice paid for ,Hope you have a beautiful day."  It's like she had read my mind .... but she didn't... she just thought of me & loved me in a space that she knew I would whole heartedly appreciate. An absolute gift to my day & resembled to me the power of authentic friendship and connection and straight up support for another being even when they are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives. 

The previous day... lipsense, which I'm wearing, was dropped off in my purse from a single momma that sales it through social media as a third job... with no intention of getting paid ... while texting , "I want you to have it." 

Than as I sit at my desk trying to ensure I am getting some things done, feeling a tad overloaded, and my sister calls "just to chat" and listens to me rant as we laugh, ramble, get caught up on life and as I get a few "preach it sister" moments  from her as I'm Hott messingly verbalizing the storming around in my head into air space so that it could simply just be heard by someone who gets me. 

Earlier this week, I had a smoothie and sat down with such an authentic love filled woman, who stepped into her life with me and she stepped into mine, and who is going to invest in the lives of others so passionately and selflessly in Puerto Rico and gave me a hug that I felt genuine support in. 

Just last week, a woman dear to my heart pulled something out of her purse, the new Brene Brown book, and placed it In my hands with a big smile on her face and every single day she's a gift to my life as we transcribe the majority of our days in some form of communication with many "I'll have to call ya back" moments due to life's craziness 

My mother.... a woman that is so selfless and so incredible checks in every single day and is relentless in her compassion and her care for me and little man. Her communication and conversations with me remind me every day of patience and the ability to step back and evaluate and choose how I intentionally want to live my life 

At the beginning of the week, a woman who  was put in my life during a very difficult time and who has been instrumental and present in me healing, sent me this link https://youtu.be/GwRzjFQa_Og, there is profanity, but it was exactly what I needed to check in to in the midst of the day, and had me very bluntly step into why I handle some things the way I do today and empowered me to fully see the woman I am today and freaking LOVE her without wavering. 

Yesterday, at the conference, a woman recognized publicly a piece of my heart, when she did not have to, and saw me in my passions & every single time I looked up women were engaging and connecting, talking about passions and spreading awareness and love and support to other women, hugging and embracing one another and stepping into such bravery by feeling connected by one another. 

A woman jumped on something that I really wanted to do and completely used her gifts to be instrumental in something I'm very passionste about, without hesitation. 

I sit in front of women every single day, in my profession, and am taken away by not only what they have endured in their lives but oh, how they have risen so honorably and so bravely and even in their struggle, they are so strong. 

Women have reached out via social media and connected and scheduled coffee and opened their hearts and I've been blessed by every encounter.

Women, this week, have taught me so much about love and kindness and support and resilience and healing and have given me so wisdom and the calm as well as the fierce energies that have honestly carried me through the week. 

I feel as though I wasn't raised to lean on anyone, especially not women due to being surrounded by an extremely strong male dominated home
I was not raised to express emotions or to ask for help or support for anyone else. I was to not quit, not give up and to "suck it up" if I was crying too long or too stuck in my sadness. I bucked up at a young age and became fierce and not very soft but to those who I loved dearly and only those saw my true heart. 

With all this being said, this week I've realized the power of the feminine. It's so not familiar to me but there is such a sense of belonging and such a beauty to being in space with authentic and radiant and good souled women. Friendship is so wonderful and women empowering and supporting women is so so important in this hurting world. 

We women have got to have one another's backs, we have to be uplifting, loving, supporting and hearing one another. We have to be truth tellers and have accountability  with one another and provide space and make time to invest and listen, even if we are not passionate in those areas or truly understand. I'm saying this to claim myself as well. 

And why in the world are we competing loves?!! Why?! It's just ridiculous. We should be supporting and not envious yet uplifting and saying YEASSS when we see women rising. Our society has created an era where women fear they will lose, they won't make it, they have to be better, bigger, and more successful bc society has made it extremely difficult for us to succeed, so let's not just add to our struggle, let's support one another to shatter it. 

As Glennon Doyle states, "You can't miss your boat. It's yours. It stays docked until your ready. The only boat you can miss is someone elses. Let them have theirs while you wait on yours." Why are we getting so Hott and bothered of others boats sailing away?! Instead let's recognize HER BOAT SAILED, when she rises we all rise!!!!! Let's get more freaking boats out there! Why don't we just fill the water with alllll of our boats?! 

So, yes, my stubborn self is always learning lessons and though I know I can do it solo, it sure is much more beautiful when I have many successful, brave, bosslady, empowered, authentic and love filled women to rock it out with. 

Thank you for showing me, once again, the magic in friendship and support and lifting one another up. 

women are just straight up badass. 

When your boat comes and takes off you better believe I'll be cheering you all on 

Sending love, 
The Soul Grind


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