The Unwinding

Today was one of those days that choosing a back road over a city street was much more glorious. 

That the "relax and unwind" playlist trumped the "happy vibes" playlist on Spotify. 

That the "to do lists" that involved rummaging around in various stores turned into muddy and glorious trails. 

Where healthy eating turned into yummy and fried foods on a park bench & iced caramel coffees. 

Where putting on an outfit that matched and makeup turned into "let's roll". 

Where windows up and AC booming turned into sweaty smelly wind blown hair. 

Where trying to find way too many quarters to vacuum the vehicle turned into "what cool things can we find" & how can we get this cleaned up by adventuring. 

Where a moment of surprised sadness turned into seeing the beauty in another's innocence and love for new beginnings. 

Where silence turned into games, lighthearted hilarious conversations and goofy moments. 

Where staying clean turned into sitting straight up in mud and finding it more than perfect. 

Where feeling so small and lost in a moment turned into trecking into a winding space where the smallness felt designed, fulfilled, and completely mesmerizing & full of such soul goodness. 

Today went .... absolutely & totally unplanned and had my mess of a self exactly where I was intended to be. 

Sometimes it takes realizing what is so so out of our control.. to in fact feel in control of what is making itself seem huge within our minds and that has not made it into air space yet ... 

To realize how small yet mighty we are & how beautiful we are when we are in our authenticity and in our absolute truth of where we are in these moments .. 

We are so intended to be here, so worthy to completely flip our days to feed our souls, and so capable of listening to our emotions and feelings and processing them & resting when our soul needs rest, grace and love. 

Today I carried some emotions around with me, as I processed and allowed them to be heard, but I did so with a human that was so true to my soul & radiates all that is so beautiful & in a space that could whole heartedly hold it all in its vastness. 

Where are your sacred spaces?! 

Sending you love and hope you listened and cared for your soul today soul grinders!

The Soul Grind


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