Thankful for Women like you...

"Little Girls With Dreams become Women with Vision."

My little self 
did not know 
that life 
would not always be as sweet and innocent 
as these days

 ....the days where my only worries 
were so simple . 

It has taken a village to raise & follow the journey of this powerful little girl... 

who in turn, due to the impact of many incredible souls, became a powerful woman. 

I am blessed that ever since this day as a young girl many people have come in and out of my life with intention and on purpose and with such non judgmental love. 

I'm thankful for the many women who have and who do play 

significant and impactful roles in my life
as I grew, 
step into my authenticity, 
who blocked you out and than needed you immensely,
 who was humbled, 
as a daughter, 
as I became a mom, 
became a student,
 became an employee, 
 who pursued my own dreams 

and who is a mess and who is continually growing and learning . 

Thank you for loving this girl throughout her life . 

Thank you 
for inspiring me, 
for educating me, 
for hearing me and seeing me, 
for standing up for me 
and for advocating and bringing awareness to topics that protected me, 
for showing me the importance of connection and support

thank you
 for your loyalty and your trustworthiness and your patience
 thank you 
for mirroring self love, power, and self worth by demonstrating that beauty in your own lives
thank you 
for being bravely vulnerable so that I could embrace my own feelings
 thank you 
for embracing the woman I am and not confining me
thank you 
for telling me about your journeys so that I felt stronger about sharing mine
 thank you 
for letting me wander but not being too far so that you could lift me up when My stubborn self was ready to be humbled and grow 
thank you 
for seeing my flaws and imperfections and for making even my feeling of jadedness a beautiful part of who I am. 
Thank you 
for resembling what the combination of beauty, empowerment and positive and supportive power looks like in a woman
thank you 
for embracing self love and celebration of life so that self love with the correlation of selfishness was a thing of the past
 thank you

 for showing fierce love and a thirst for connection and support. thank you women for being in my life and for most importantly being exactly who you are 

I love you 

and am grateful, so grateful 
for the impacts you all have made on my life

 keep rocking it loves - watching you all shine fills my heart right up!


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