I am Allowed....

"I cant think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself."
Emma Stone 

I am allowed to... .

speak my truth shamelessly
& not care what you think of it
-love the woman I am today
-not be 100% healed

-make mistakes, be humbled & get back up again
-freely express my emotions without feeling shame or cover my face
-step into my story and not hustle for my worthiness
-love coffee and feel as though that space is sacred
-experience the highs and lows of vulnerability
-to have boundaries even with those i love
-use all my personalized versions of adjectives and made up words when blogging or speaking my truth
-feel empowered and honored to be the woman I am- to have risen and continue to rise and to love this life i live.
- be a work in progress and a masterpiece all in one. 

& so are you.


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