Self-Love Project Replica- Speak Your Truth

The Self-LOVE Project. 

"Being on a Spiritual path does not prevent you from facing times of darkness. But it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow." 

The self-love project that was surfacing and overflowing social media caught my heart strings. 

The message was beautiful. 
I felt today was the day to share my truth 
with those I know a powerful way.

This brought forth unexpected emotions as I wrote down 
the words that have caused my heart and soul to ache for years. 
I could feel my heart begin to race, 
the tears begin to flow 
and my head begin to lower 
as I felt shame. 

Those words became my thoughts and my reality and I have carried them along with me as part of my identity.

These manipulative words became my truth.

I was silenced 
and to this person I was just a body 
that embodied no soul, no dreams, no power, no respect, no heart, no opinion, no future and nothing more than what this sign speaks of. 
The picture in itself still brings tears to my eyes because I know these lies I carried around effected the way I viewed myself, my body, my purpose, my love for myself and others, and my ability to feel as though my opinions and dreams mattered.

The next sign brought a huge smile to my face as I wrote it down boldly. 
The next picture embodies my soul, my laughter, my joy, my freedom, my accomplishments, my drive, my love for myself, the roles I have in this world, my confidence, and the love I have for the woman I am today and the beautiful life I live.
There is no silence here....yet I have found my roar! 

I felt such honor and joy and beauty in the truth that I am not those words & those lies. 

They do NOT define me or serve me any longer.

This is my truth-

I am not just a body I am JAYDEE.
I am also a loving mother, woman and social worker!!!!!


I love this woman and where she has come from, where she is now & for what she will continue to grow and Strive to be . There is still much to learn but I am loving the journey.

Today - I see the hurt in that women's eyes and that hand covering her mouth that silences her roar and I'm so humbled and grateful I no longer am in her seat or in that silence.

What lies do you listen to? What lies do you allow to steal your truth and your joy and your freedom? What words have become your thoughts?

Let them be silenced so that you may be set free from them and roar. You are beautiful and worthy of seeing yourself in the light that everyone else sees you in. Break free and allow yourself to feel good in your own skin and be brave enough to stand in that so people may see the beautiful soul that you have been hiding. Be free, love & be YOU.

Thank you lovely woman who took my pictures and empowered the process 


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