The Face of Feeling- Grace With Experiencing Emotions

"Tear off the mask, your face is glorious."

This "feeling it all" thing is real
& you know what's crazy ....

I've never seen my eyes and their beauty when tears are overwhelming them.

 So, today I challenged myself 
to love myself in this 
and embrace it in a way...
 that I could see the art of my emotions in a new form. 
So, that in this new way, I could have grace on myself. 

This picture is what it looked like.

I felt smallness creeping up when I first looked at this but after I made myself sit in why I felt my smallness
 I realized how big it is and how radical it was that the only two times I remember seeing my tears beautifully placed on my face
 have been actually in the past two weeks.

I can't tell you the love and grace
 I've begun to embrace for myself-
this woman right here for all she 
has been 
all she is now
 and all she strives to be.

Tears and emotions don't make you weak.
They make you BRAVE & authentic.

My smallness comes from what I've been told and as I saw this picture & I saw my hand placed on my lips it spoke volumes to me and the way I silence, 
even myself 
& tell myself 
that I shouldn't be crying or feeling anything less than warrior energy.

 Is warrior energy all fight and straight face and  backbone and no love?

No, I was very wrong.

The sword of the peaceful warrior is LOVE
 and the ability to feel is part of your shield
 which makes fighting for
those you love, 
and your life 
meaningful and powerful and strong. 

We are meant to feel it all and grow and heal from it .

I have told my loved ones that this "feeling" this is a bit out of control because now I could weep over
 literally..... Anything.
 I cry in laughter,
I cry when a loved one or song or line from a book touches my soul,
 I cry when I'm angry and when I'm grieving,
I cry in fear and I belt out in sobs over my heart overflowing with love
- which has been beautifully where the tears have come from recently.

I challenge you next time to look at yourself,
feel the tears that grace your cheek
 and place your hand on your heart
& be overcome with gratitude and love that you are able to feel your way though life
 & live authentically.

I get jealous at times of those who never chose numbness and for those that this all comes so easy to them
 without my journey i wouldn't have been broken open and awakened in this way.

It has radically shifted the woman I am and 
my view of life in itself
which is so much more beautiful and meaningful
& for this journey....
I am blessed.

I think this may be one of my most beautiful looks
because it's me choosing to love myself
and allowing myself to feel.

 I challenge you and empower you to love yourself today
& whatever may be on your 
and soul.

Allow yourself to be authentic. 
& feel it all. 

Have Grace on Yourself. 
& love yourself through this time
You are WORTHY of the journey
and the beauty that comes from it.


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