Welcome, Loves- About The Soul Grind

The Soul Grind, Welcomes You. 

Hello beautiful people,
I’m a fellow human, 

who has had many different chapters 
and dog eared pages that needed to be returned to in life
which were once forgotten or numbed out. 

I recently, in the presence of some powerful and bad a women, made a claim to not procrastinate my dreams and goals any longer and drive them out of the garage, where I have kept them parked for some time, for various reasons. 

Well, my claim was real 

 I'm placing my journey
 my passions
 my vulnerabilities
 my gained wisdom
 and my soul on the line 
to regain passion 
and to pour it radically on others. 

Numbness, is outdated. 

Radical love and vulnerability
- seems to feel more like home right now. 

There is a passage from within the beautiful lines of a book a sweet soul passed to me that speaks volumes to me- that speaks of this journey you are about to travel with me....

 So, ready or not- here we go, loves
 "working on the softness of the heart" ....

You'll get use to it. 

Why the name theSoulGrind?

Well, let’s first touch base with the powerful word Soul. 

The soul journey is one that brings such raw and radical humbling change 
as well as overwhelming eye opening experiences 

 a journey of truly finding
and loving self.  

From my experience, not many ask and invite the soul journey along willingly. 

The Soul journey chooses you and if you are ready and willing 
you grab full force 
and choose to undergo this radical journey

 This journey, in most cases, seems to shift and rattle you in times of confusion, bewilderment, emotional chaos and when things seem to shatter in a beautiful disastrous way. 

This tends to happen right smack down in front of you, with nowhere to go but to pick it up and analyze it, inspect it, and sit in it, and love it

- even when it feels as though it may just diminish every aspect of you
 by choosing to hold onto it 
instead of walk right past it and pretending it doesn't radically rock your world, every day. 

 This journey isn't easy. 

Finding yourself, at whatever age you may be, is a very trivial time. 

So I ask you as I asked myself...Would you rather be in an era of raw vulnerability, where you feel it all, and discover to love yourself 
and to see life in a new light 
-even when it makes your heart ache 
....but produces so much beauty your heart could burst from overwhelming amounts of feelings.  

Yeah, this can happen. 

Or would you rather continue to live life in comfort of your day to day life that has no passion, no meaningful relationships, no boundaries, no freakin compassion or intrinsic joy and light, no love for self or no ability to genuinely love others, no awe or amazement in nature, no self-discovery and the inability to look at yourself and see your own stinkin worth?  

Would you rather instead continue seeing and hearing what all the other words, judgments, and criticisms when looking at your beautiful self? 

Or, Would you like to travel the road less traveled to see how amazing and beautiful your world is and your worth or settle for living a life without intention? 

Well, that's what i kept asking myself as I was struggling to find the woman I am today...

So, after much contemplation and being pulled by my Soul 
I chose to step into my darkness of my journey and of my soul and love on it first and foremost, be humbled by it, feel it, and begin to freaking love the mess out of myself and my journey. 

There is so much to learn, so much to sit in and so much to feel but I found my soul is actually beautiful, radically beautiful, and much more powerful than I ever gave it credit for.

Let’s get to the Grind now. (Coffee grinds) 

Well, some may know me and others don't know me well quite yet but my love for coffee is a grind of its own. Not only, does it pretty much accompany all of my endeavors throughout the day and at times evenings

 I have gathered around beautiful souls to drink a cup, gathered around fires to keep eyelids open while having late night quality time. 
I have had it in my hand in the midst of painful and dark times 
 I have had many moments of serenity while brewing it or relaxing and jamming to music while sipping on it. 
I have jotted down countless thoughts and words, way too many papers and have shared many heart wrenching conversations in coffee shops and around kitchen tables,

I have had many "come to Jesus" moments while soaking in the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  

Yeah, some say i have a problem with how much i love it but then again, they probably drink de caffeinated and don’t quite understand how amazing the encounter can really be (to each his own) haha 

In a sense, coffee feels and smells like healing, peace, serenity, support, energy and good vibes and lots and lots of love.

So, grab a cup of coffee and join the Soul Grind, which is a place of self-exploration, radical self-love, soul searching, and some bad A empowerment. 

Join my beautiful mess of a journey  as I travel this raw and healing soul guided road and bring all of your beautiful mess of a life with you, because your journey is worthy and so are you.

You are SO welcome here.


  1. Congrats, girl! I'm honored to be on this journey with you. Thanks for creating this space!

  2. Wow! You are amazing. Can't wait to see what appears next! Happy to be a part of your community.

  3. You all so wonderful, Im excited to see what is in store!! Thank you so much for supporting me!!

  4. So proud to know you and share your love of not only the journey but especially the coffee 💜

  5. Haha we have shared many cups together as well!! Thank you!!


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