Love Yourself.

Love yourself. 

Sincerely, a woman who found it possible.

Tonight, Something Crazy Happened....

I had a breakthrough, a breathe of complete fresh air, a peace and a sense of such clarity and beauty.

 I forgot what you think, what you say, your judgments and your view of the woman you think I am

Man, this journey of self love is POWERFUL. 

Tonight, I danced while knocking out a punching bag, I laughed out loud while jamming to Macklemore , I worked out because I wanted to not because I needed to fit into someone's "ideal" & I got to be in the serenity of my own sanctuary with nothing but beauty to view. 

This journey of transition has taught me so much about myself . I have carried thoughts and judgments and words with me for years as different chapters of my life have unfolded. 

Some from friends, some enemies, some abusers, those I loved and some of my own condescending "your not worthy" nonsense. Tonight, I left it outside of my sanctuary and I chose to forget the rest and delight in life and in the woman I am, today and the journey I have been through and the journey to come. Tomorrow, some may filter in and tomorrow I will tell myself sweetly and gently that I am worthy, I am loved and I am a bad a lioness who has had quite the journey!  Thankful for those who are on this journey along side me! 

Tonight, I chose to love myself.   
Love yourself. 

A part of this song shakes me up every time i hear it & gives me such a peace to just sit and love myself, for all I am and have been ...

Listen up: 


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