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The Beginning of "Emptying Yourself"

"There was a flower in her heart, it just need more room to bloom, and when she let it free, she showed the world that sometimes the most beautiful things can grow in the darkest of places without the need of light."R.M. Drake 

Everyday I express the importance of self love & self care. 
So tonight,  I took my own advice and chose to re engage  in reading,  journaling, & having "me" time to take moments to dig into my good ol soul grind  & sure enough beauty happened. 
I flipped open The Untethered Soul, that accumulated dust, and realized I was on the chapter titled 
"Let go now or Fall..." 
These words were to powerful not to share .... 
"If you truly want to grow spiritually, you'll realize that keeping your stuff is keeping you trapped. Eventually you'll want out, at any cost. You will than realize that life is actually trying to help you. Life is surrounding you with people and situations to stimulate growth. You don't have to dec…

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