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Radical Acceptance

I found it only fitting, after my flashback post from last year at this time, to step back into that place & see where life has me on this journey now .
I'm still very much on the same vulnerability rocking , shame shaking, self love seeking, worthy and grounded ride .
I remember that day oh so well...
Since this moment and that picture much has changed within me, surrounding me, and in my intent in my life.
It has taken straight up intentional and looking at, feeling through, and trudging through some tough and heavy territory but I have felt, seen, connected and trudged through much more than I ever imagined I could or would in my lifetime.
It was a pivotal place to begin my soul grind journey due to the relationship I have with the gym life.
It dove me right into self love, feeling all the feels, and choosing to face some real realizations about my negative self banter and places where Shame hangs out for me.
The gym & I have some mixed feelings with one another.
During my hig…

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